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Reserve Cattle Company was founded by Husband and Wife , Chris Brant and Veronica Anwuri . In 2010 we leased several hundred acres and a feed yard in Eastern Kansas for our commercial cow calf operation, eventually we moved our operation to Garden City Missouri focusing more on our Wagyu. Now our home ranch is located in the Midwest at the headwaters of Lake of the Ozarks in Warsaw Missouri. We have a passion for cattle, food and travel. We’ve won multiple awards for our beef and have supplied some of the most famous chefs in the world, we’ve even been honored to serve our beef to former Presidents. Our genetics have been shipped all over the world and we’ve also imported some of the finest genetics from other counties as well.



Opening new doors in Japan.
In 2017 we were fortunate enough to combine our passions of cattle, food and travel while on a trip to Japan where we seen first hand how Wagyu are raised the Japanese way.


National Wagyu Show
The reason we made the trip was to attend the National Wagyu show in Sendai, Japan. Every five years they hold what they call the “Wagyu Olympics” which includes the traditional showing of bulls, heifers and cows. Something that we don’t see in traditional cattle shows in the US is carcass competition, that was one of the most interesting parts of the show.


Learning the Japanese way.
What we learned from the masters of Wagyu we brought home with us to make our herd even better. We toured several farms and met real Japanese farmers that shared many secrets with us. It was an experience of a lifetime.



Opening more doors in Spain.
In 2019 we took a trip to Spain , this trip was for one of our chef clients. We were asked if we could bring in Rubia Gallega , a breed we had never heard of until the request. So that meant we needed to get to Spain and research the breed. We were not disappointed!


Rubia Gallega Oh Wow!
We toured several farms and seen so many beautiful cattle, the breed is simply amazing. Here Veronica is leading Jose’s bull that weighs just under two tons.


Spain Did Not Disappoint!
With contacts we made in Spain we will continue to bring in new genetics for the seed stock producer and raise enough beef to supply some restaurants because that’s really what’s it’s all about.

Rubia Gallega

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