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Our main facility in Garden City, Missouri is our base of operation. This facility offers on site semen collection and embryo collection along with an on site sale ring.

All our steers are fed the same diet that many Japanese breeders in Japan use. Japan is the largest importer of US feed grains which means we can feed the same feed ration as in Japan. We have a specialized ration that is developed for Wagyu specifically, it’s all grown locally but it’s an all Japanese recipe. Below are a few examples of the carcasses we’ve produced from various matings. The average live weight of our steers at finish is 1750 pounds.

Here we have pictures of steers from various bloodlines. Ages are between 28 months and 30 months. Wagyu have been described as black jerseys by some. That’s because the people who gave them that nickname didn’t feed or breed them properly. We have seen our Wagyu top 2000 pounds and our steers routinely top 1800 pounds without sacrificing marbling. While we were in Japan for the National Wagyu show we toured feedlots that had finished steers the same size as ours with fat dimples in the same spots, it was very encouraging. We keep our steers in the front feed lot because they are impressive.