• Daughter of Okutani, one of three original females imported in 1993.
  • Sired by Haruki II, full sister to Beijiro and Genjiro.
  • The recipient cow carrying Fujiko was purchased for $50,000.
  • First Wagyu born in the U.S.
  • Exclusive cloning rights sold at Texas Wagyu Association Sale for $26,000.
  • Carries rare genetic mutation for double copies of the Alanine gene "AA" responsible for softer fats and lower melting temperatures.
  • Free of all genetic defects.
  • April 2013 Belcampo Farms sold 30 lots with influence from Fujiko.
  • One of the most influential bloodlines in the breed.
  • Fujiko has moved on to greener pastures.

On June 24, 2012 Fujiko will have her eighteenth birthday. Seeing Fujiko is really a special treat. Not only is she alive long after most cows are not, but this extraordinary cow is in great shape, is unusually balanced, has perfect feet and legs, and a wonderful disposition. With no more information than this, experienced cattlemen would be greatly impressed with Fujiko. But there is far more to say about this rare treasure. Okutani, Fujiko’s mother, was one of three young, closely related heifers imported into the US together. These three, Suzutani, Rikitani, and Okutani, were especially valuable because they each combined both the “Doi” and “Nami” blood lines. All three descending from Shigeshigenami, doing a search of Shigeshigenami offspring that were imported, you will find only four individuals, the three heifers above and Itoshigenami. The “Nami genetics are famous for finer marbling than other strains. One thing that makes Okutani unique even in this elite group is that she alone also descends from the most famous sire Dai 7 Itozakura which seems to give her a maternal advantage over the others. Due to the tremendous value placed on the embryos from these three heifers, (the recipients carrying their embryos, cost $50,000 each) very few were able to obtain offspring from these select females. There were five daughters registered to Okutani, Fujiko is the only one still living in the US. Fujiko’s sire Haruki-2 is also extraordinary, he is thought by many to be only from the Tajima strain, careful study however shows him to be a blending of several stains, which created a truly powerful individual. When you look for balanced genetics with high levels of performance in multiple traits you can not overlook Haruki-2. Many breeders believe single trait selection generation after generation has resulted in cattle that are out of balance. In both the US and Australian evaluations, you clearly see the genetic power of Haruki-2, where in both summaries he improves both carcass traits and growth traits. In the Australian Sire Summary Haruki is a trait leader in six different traits. Among high marbling bulls that improve growth and muscling he has no equal’s period. No other bull is as complete, no bull is even close. A few astute breeders, to their credit, have begun to use Haruki-2. With the cloning of Fujiko this incredible, proven genetic combination can be your opportunity to have something truly special.

Prepared by:
Eldon Clawson
BS- Pre vet- Pre med
MS- Reproductive Physiology
Worked 20 + years at ABS evaluating Cattle Traits for Genetic Mating service