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  • All our semen inventory is collected and stored at Hawkeye Breeders in Adel Iowa. Phone 515-993-4711
  • All our embryos are collected and stored at Trans Ova Genetics in Chillicothe Missouri. Phone 800-372-3586
  • It is not possible to combine domestic shipping of semen and embryos in one shipment because it’s stored in two different locations. 
  • Sometimes international shipments of semen and embryos can be combined. 
  • For international orders please email before purchasing to confirm the embryos you want can export to your country. 
  • Once we are notified through email that a purchase has been made we will then email a representative at Trans Ova or Hawkeye Breeders where our inventory is stored. We will also copy your email to them as well for an introduction so you can work out shipping with them. 
  • You can also set up an account at either location and keep the semen or embryos in storage until you need them. 
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CHR Yasufuku 18

REG.#: FB9846 | BD: 10/25/2008 | 100% |

Yasufuku 18 is a very rare bull we recently acquired. He's a direct son of Yasufuku Jr with Yasufuku J930, Kituguni 7-8 and Monjiro on the top side. The bottom side he has Reiko as a grand dam, one of the original import cows and rarely seen in any pedigrees. He's currently weighing 1400 pounds. He is ideal for F1 production , he will give extreme marbling even in cross bred steers, reported grades from feedlots feeding his F1 steers have obtained Australian marbling scores of 9 at 24 months. We strongly recommended him for F1 production.

 Yasutani Doo
 Yasufuku J930
 Chizuri 85545
Sire: World K’s Yasufuku Jr
 Kaneko 5
 TF Kikuhana
 Nayori 1
Dam: Ms Asuka 304
 Kitaguni 7-8
 World K’s Reiko
 World K’s Okahana


$30 per straw

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REG.#: USAFB17188 | BD: 10/05/2012 | FULLBLOOD | BLACK |

Beijiro 36Z is a son of the original World K’s Beijirou, who is a full brother to Genjiro. He is sired by Haruki II, and his dam is Okutani, who is one of the great foundation cows of the breed.

The Okutani line that our Bejiro son shares also goes back to Fujiko, the first Wagyu female born in the U.S. We also purchased her exclusive cell line in 2012 for $26,000. The Okutani line our bull comes from is a powerful line, second only to the Suzutani influence breed wide. Beijiro 36Z is out of Mizukura 17W, who weighs 1300 pounds; she traces back to Kobe Mizutani 607E, who currently weighs 1540 pounds. Kobe Mizutani is a daughter of Kenhanafuji. 

Our bull weighed in at 1680 pounds on May 20, 2016. His average birth weights are 55-60 pounds, and he is a long bodied bull who will add length in his offspring.

Semen is limited and export qualified to Canada, Mexico, Australia, most of South and Central American countries. Not EU qualified.

Sexed semen is available but must be made to order.

 MONJIRO 11550
 SAKURA 2 741638
 FUJITANI 655405
 TAKAEI 1412


$30 per straw

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REG.#: FB23855 | BD: 09/16/2014 | FULLBLOOD | BLACK |

RCC Shigefuku 059 is sired by the original Shigefuku, the highest content Kedaka bull ever to leave Japan. Shigefuku himself did not leave Japan; only a small amount of semen made the voyage. Shigefuku is a son of Dai 20 Hirashige 287 and is a half-brother to the greatest bull in Japan, Hirashigekatsu. Hirashigekatsu is producing heavy carcasses with extreme marbling. At the 2007 all Japan Zenkyo competition, six of the top ten bulls were sired by Hirashigekatsu.

RCC Shigefuku 059s Dam, Sanshiga, is our top flush cow and top income producing cow. She has produced 39 fertilized embryos for us in one flush and consistently flushes double digits. She is a high Tajima cow, weighing by scale 1500 pounds. Sanshiga has every notable sire in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, and she has the greatest cow ever to leave Japan, Suzutani, on both sides of her pedigree and another great Dam of the breed, Okutani, as well.

Our ideal mating for this Shigefuku son would be to line breed other Dai 20 Hirashige 287 influenced cows and lock in the genetic power from that family. RCC Shigefuku 059 is pictured at 20 months and 1300 pounds. His birth weight was 55 pounds. We expect him to go beyond 1800 pounds.

Semen is limited. He does qualify for export to EU, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, Australia and South Africa.  EU sexed semen will be available until the bull leaves EU quarantine. No more will be produced after that.

 KEDAKA 7212


$30 per straw

Female Sexed

$60 per straw

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REG.#: FB23122 | BD: 05/09/2015 | FULLBLOOD | BLACK |

Our Toshiro bull is son of LMR Toshiro 1/3, who is a 1900 pound bull from the Lone Mountain program. LMR Toshiro 1/3 traces back to Kitaguni 7/8, one of the most famous Japanese sires through his Dam, World K’s Reiko, who is another great female of the breed.

Toshiro’s sire, LMR Toshiro 1/3 has an average hanging carcass weight of 1030 pounds and 30.51% IMF. His dam is Kobe Mizutani 17W, who currently weighs 1540 pounds. Kobe Mizutani is a daughter of Kenhanafuji, who reportedly sold for a breed record of $150,000. We expect high growth and extreme marbling from Toshiro’s sons.

Semen is limited, he does qualify for export to EU, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, Australia and South Africa.  EU sexed semen will be available until the bull leaves EU quarantine. No more will be produced after that.



$30 per straw

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Fujiko ETN03 (clone)

REG.#: USAF 24555 | BD: 08/12/2015 | Fullblood | Black

Here we have embryos offered from Fujiko (clone). Fujiko was the first Wagyu born outside Japan in the US and Australia. We purchased exclusive cloning rights to her for $26,000 at the Steaks are High sale and spent another $21,000 to clone her. She is one of the great cows of the breed and now we can mate her to the original bulls along with the new up and coming bulls. She is the only Wagyu female to be cloned in the world. Clones of other Wagyu Sires exist in Japan and the US. Embryos produced from clones are not exportable to the EU or Australia. 


 Yasumi Doi J10328
 Monjiro J11550
 Harumi J109649
Sire: World K’s Haruki 2
 Kenshin J902
 Sakura 2 J741638
 Itohime 3 J545978
 Shigeshigenami J10632
 Okushige J1803
 Okumune J165585
Dam: World K’s Okutani
 Kikutani J908
 Fujitani J655405
 Itofuji 9 J410738

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RCC Ms Yasufuku 048

REG.#: FB16689 | BD: 2/19/2013 | 100% |

RCC Ms Yasufuku 048 has become our top carcass producing cow. After we harvested her third consecutive steer we realized her marbling was off the charts. She has produced three natural steers in a row with over 40% IMF measured at the ribeye. All her steers have been over 1500 pounds at 30 months harvest. For this she is now one of our top flush cows because we know exactly what we will get from her offspring every single time.

 Yasufuku Jr
Sire: CHR Yasufuku 246T
 CHR Ms Kitateru 59J
Dam: IWG Ms Sanjirou 002U
 MJB Ms Kitafuku 05K

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RCC Akiko 2

REG.#: Fb16499 | BD: 11/1/13 | 100% | Black

Akiko 2 has royalty in her pedigree being the granddaughter of the queen of the breed Suzutani. Her dam Akiko was 1500 pounds live weight and had the most desirable pedigree in the entire breed with Michifuku and Suzutani as Sire and Dam. 

 SPB Michitsuru 0013
Sire: SPB EQ81
 SPB 51 K
 SPB Akiko 5 AO10
Dam: SPB Akiko 5 AO10
 Tanishige 1526

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GAW Sanshiga

REG.#: USAFB12281 | BD: 4/5/10 | 100% |

Sanshiga is our star, she makes big calves, big steers and excellent marbling. She's a 1500 pound Full Blood  and one of our best flushers. 

 World Ks Shigeshigetani
Sire: 373 Shigharu
 CHR Ms Haruki 027
 World Ks Sanjirou
Dam: CHR Ms Sanjirou 309T
 MJB Ms Kitafuku 05K

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GAW Higisanji

REG.#: USAFB12281 | BD: 4/5/10 | 100% |

This cow is deceased but her steers have given us 40% IMF at the ribeye. She marbles off the charts. 

 World Ks Haruki 2
Sire: World Ks Shigeshigetani
 World Ks Suzutani
 World Ks Sanjirou
Dam: CHR Ms Sanjirou 309T
 MJB Ms Kitafuku 05K

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RCC Ms Shigefuku 065

REG.#: FB23856 | BD: 09/16/2014 | 100% |

RCC Ms Shigefuku 065 is a product of one of our top donors and original semen exported from Japan. She's a large framed cow with a stacked pedigree. The picture in the bio of 065 is from her full brothers progeny fed out to 30 months of age. 

 Dis 20 Hirashige 287
Sire: Shigefuku J1822
Dam: Sanshiga
 MJB Ms Kitafuku 05K

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RCC Ms Takamichi 040

REG.#: USAFB16707 | BD: 09/19/2010 | Fullblood | Black

RCC Ms Takamichi 040 is one of our larger cows, topping the scale at 1500 pounds with a very large frame. She’s versatile enough we flush her to multiple Sires. She flushes double digits more often than not. Her steers carcasses are very consistent and finish around 1750 pounds on average. 

 Yasufuku J930
 Takaei 1412
 Takaei 180868
Sire: World K’s Takazakura
 Nakatake 10833
 Dai 2 Sakura 7
 Dai 2 Sakura 13407
 TF Itomichi 1/2
 BR Itomichi 0602
 JVP Kiku Shige 5298E
Dam: BR Ms Itomichi 0602/3655
 World K’s Michifuku
 BR Ms Michifuku 1605
 BR Ms Kikuhana 8620

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RCC MS Hirashigetayasu 019

REG.#: USAFB16697 | BD: 09/1/2012 | Fullblood | Black

RCC Ms Hirashigetayasu 019 is a donor stacked with marbling and growth. She’s very versatile when planning future matings. 

 Dai 20 Hirashige
 Hirashigetayasu J2351
 Dai 5 Yuruhime
Sire: Westholm Hirashigetayasu Z278 FB8376
 Kitateruyasudoi J2810
 Westholme Ohyurihime
 Westholme Moritake U38
 World Ks Shigeshigetani
 373 Shigaru
 CHR Ms Haruki 027
Dam: Sanshiga USAFB12283
 World K’s Sanjirou
 CHR Ms Sanjirou 309T
 MJB Ms Kitafuku 05K

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