Sanshiga FB12283

Sanshiga FB#12283, she has every significant sire and dam in her pedigree. Suzutani is found on both sides of her pedigree, she also has Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, JVP Fukutsuru 068, Michifuku and Haruki 2. Sanshiga is heavy on the Tajima line, she has good milk and extraordinary size and has the more desirable coat type. Sanshiga is an incredible flusher, she flushed 39 fertilized embryos in one flush! 30 of those embryos were grade one.

Higasanji FB12281

Higasanji FB#12281 is a half sister to Sanshiga, she has the same pedigree on the Dam side and one generation closer on the Sire side being Sired by Shigeshigetani. She is a good flusher with good maternal traits and is an excellent Tajima line cow.

Shigisan FB12282

Shigisan FB#12282 is a flush sister to Higasanji FB#12281 meaning they were flushed from the donor in the same flush and have identical matings. They both excel when compared to many other full blood wagyu. She is also a good flusher, good maternal traits and a more desirable coat type. She and her sister have all of the top sires in her pedigree from the breed. This cow is bred to marble.

Akiko FB9499

Here we have SPB Akiko 5 AO10 FB#9499 who is arguably the rarest Wagyu outside of Japan. She is a Daughter of the greatest cow that ever left Japan, Suzutani. She is Sired by Michifuku one of the most influential Sires in the U.S. and Australia. She is Full sister to Sanjirou and Half sister to Shigeshigetani the two most utilized bulls in the U.S. Granddaughters of Suzutani routinely sell for over $10,000, we are so impressed with this Suzutani daughter she is being cloned to insure the Suzutani line lives on. She currently weighs over 1500 pounds by scale.

RCC Ms Itomichi 0602-031

Sired by BR Itomichi 0602 who brings superior size and growth. Her dam is UKB Ms O Chisamori 401 originally from Ultimate Kobe Beef in Texas and is now owned by Dixons Dakota Beef in North Dakota.

RCC Ms Takamori 039

This Donor is sired by BRCC 2614-02 who is an outstanding grandson of Takazakura. The dam is another UKB donor, UKB Ms O Chisamori 401.

RCC Ms Takamichi 040

This cow is sired by Takazakura and her dam is BR Ms Itomichi 0602 3665. She is a very large framed cow showing her size from the BR Itomichi 0602 blood lines. She is the tallest Wagyu we have.

RCC Ms Sanshiga 045 FB16686

RCC Ms Sanshiga 044 FB16685

RCC Ms Itomichi 013 FB16695

RCC Ms Itomichi 016 FB16696

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RCC Ms Hirashigetayasu 019
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